About infinitybux

Infinitybux has been online since July 31,2010 and they are still up and running. One of the sites initial resentment was that it was a buxhost, this lead to many users not to join right away but if you look at the site now it has over 100,000 members and over half of them have been paid. To me infinitybux is the first buxhost site that has been done right. The first thing everyone wonders is how much they earn per click and for Infinitybux you earn $0.01 no matter what level of membership you are. There is no limit on the amount of ads that you can click each day so the earnings are limitless but there are different amount of ads based on demographics and membership level. I know if you visit the site a few times a day you can get more than the guaranteed 4 ads.

Infinitybux referals?

Next you want to know about referrals and referral earnings. With each membership level you have different amounts of limits on referrals. The minimum max referral is 55 for free and the max is 9,999 for elite. This is good to have some sort of limits just cause it will make good refers upgrade and help make the site money. Now the interesting part about the referrals is that the more you upgrade the more you can earn from them through clicks and commissions. With referral earnings from clicks you can earn $0.001-$0.01 per click. With commissions you can earn from when they upgrade or when they simply add funds to their account.With upgrade commissions you earn $0.50-$7.50 no matter what the upgrade is depending on your membership and the add funds commissions do not start until you at least do the basic upgrade but you can earn 10%-20% of what they invest in the site. Some people go on sites to rent referrals since they do not always feel like getting direct referrals and the rented referrals are fairly active from what many of the users have said and they are only available for renting if they have been active for 24 hours. Another interesting fact is that you can actually rent to own the referrals. Which basically is a bonus for the renters because then you do not have to promote so much.

Infinitybux cashout?

When you are free member you can cashout at $4 and it increase $1 after that up to $10. Many see the high first cashout amount and are ready to run and I say relax this is good. Why is this good? Think about how many buxhost sites that start from $2 and go up, many of them do not last long because so many people earn too fast without upgrading. This is basically testing the users and sees who stays with the site and who just leaves after profit or before they reach minimum. If you upgrade the amount is less and you can cashout a lot sooner.

What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is site wherw mwmbwrship and earnings are based on the amount of ads that are clicked and viewed. Clixsense requires all members to register to take part in their "pay-per-click" opportunity. Once official membership begins, a tiered level of access to the Clixsense website becomes available. Free membership allows for access to ads that pay less per click than that of members who have paid into the program. Advertisements will be displayed on the member's computer screen via the Clixsense site. The member clicks on the ad and a timer begins. The member must then view that ad for a full 30 seconds to fulfill the requirements for payment.


There are two levels of Clixsense membership. While Clixsense claims that membership is completely free, opening your e-wallet does offer an extra advantage when it comes to the amount you will receive when clicking on advertising banners. Premium membership, which is achieved when you actually make a purchase through one of the advertisers, opens up a separate level of pay-per-click advertising banners. These banners will usually pay a few cents more than the previous banner ads.

When do I get paid?

Members are paid on a monthly basis, with the minimum payment being $10 If the minimum has not been reached within the monthly time frame, all payments are carried over into following month or months, depending on when the minimum payment requirement is finally reached.


Clixsense also offers an affiliate program that pays out a profit of ten cents for each new membership. Referrals that result in a premium membership also generate revenue for the original member. And when a referred member places a banner ad on the Clixsense website, the referring member receives a total of 10 percent of future generated clicks.


Clixsense gives members the opportunity to make money online simply by being consumers. Many websites that are viewed on a daily basis contain advertising banners that profit the individual companies who own the banners and the website owner. But Clixsense offers its members the ability to make money themselves by clicking on the ads. Clixsense also offers members the opportunity to place the Clicksense banner on their personal blog in order to generate even more monthly revenue.

What is NeoBux?

NeoBux is a PTC (Paid To Click) website which earns you money from your home. You will make this money at any time, while you sleep, while you watch TV or go visit friends. The reality is you only have to spend about 20 minutes or less on the site every day. To become a member is completely free and no truly personal information like credit card numbers or bank details will ever have to be provided. You get paid for clicking on advertisements starting off at $0.01 a click. Yes, I realise this does not sound like much, which is where the Referral System comes in. You get paid for every advertisement click your referrals make. And you can have a lot of referrals.

What are Referrals?

Referrals are people just like you who have joined NeoBux. A referral will click their advertisements every day and earn their money from them. However they will also earn YOU money for every ad they click. There are two different types of referrals. Direct and Rented. Direct referrals are people who sign up to NeoBux under your name, using your link (explained later). They are yours for life. Every click they make will be credited to you also. Rented referrals are people who you can buy to click under you for however long you wish.

Can anyone use NeoBux?

Anyone with an internet connection can use NeoBux. Just know that there is a one person per connection rule. This is to prevent people making multiple accounts. So how do I make money FAST? Ok slow down. Let's take this one step at a time. Given the proper care and management you will make a lot of money for yourself in the long run. This is not a "get rich overnight" scheme. In fact is not a scheme at all. It is a small extension of your life. An account which will always be yours, that you can access 24/7, that will grow and grow. However I have outlined some strategies that will give you a solid path to follow, if you so choose. You can review them by Clicking Here.

Is NeoBux a scam?

No sir. This question is asked a lot in the PTC industry and with good reason, as many sites disappear after a few weeks. NeoBux has been online and paying for over 3 YEARS. A huge number of members have invested large amounts of money into this site and have received even larger amounts back. Payments to you are INSTANT and at any time, no matter how much you ask for (except the minimum of $2 of course). I have seen one member receive a $20,744.06 single payment! You will be able to find a screen shot of that on the forums.

How do I join?

If you are ready to join the millions (and I do mean millions) of members making money on NeoBux then Click at the banner below or register now button at the table It is the same as joining any other website. Once you have signed up, if you can't find your activation email, be sure to check the Junk Mail folder.